Not Lost, but Not Found

We are all constantly being faced with life altering choices that are profoundly important for self to grow, though the unknown has seemingly become a bizarre road show to me.

Does that make sense? Road show?

I find that though we are not all experiencing the same life, life replicates itself through knowledge and love, two emotions that go beyond reasonable doubt.

So when you go beyond reasonable doubt, do you not find that life becomes engagingly bittersweet?

Love, love is meant to be enjoyed in the moment, whether it be professionally, friendly, and intimately; love goes beyond boundaries; our bodies are meant to help one another through hard times, as life is a struggle, no matter what life time you come from. Each era had it's peculiar occurrences, and each time frame did evolve into something much more complex than it ever was before.

Power and greed has befallen many of our brothers and sisters in spirit; those that were knowledgeable of love before they had fallen to earth and taken up their own vessels; fallen from their previous state of mind.

This dimension is a very hard life to live and I can see that now.

Do you not see? The poetic understatement of what our lives are seemingly like to those that have no consciousness to the light of another?

The Canaan states that Satan or "Lucifer" is the Arch Angel that fell to Earth, and I paraphrase, he felt that man should have no choices, but God loved us so much, he gave us the gift of choosing to believe in Him, and Lucifer did not agree. This is my understanding as to why he was supposedly sent to earth; for going against his own Father.

But think of us, we are in fact this "Lucifer" that the bible embellishes as an evil demon; we are our own heathen. We all fell from a previous state of mind, where the mind was not separated from our spirit, and we manifested pure intentions out of love.

We believe that we should judge others based on their skin color, language, and creed, as Lucifer would believe.

We believe that we should punish others for their choice in loving the same sex, transforming their bodies, and loving more than one being, as Lucifer would believe.

We believe we should rape others of their freedom by telling them what they can and cannot put on their heads, what types of clothes they should wear or what kind of language they should speak, as Lucifer would believe and yet, we turn to a bible that embraces such violence upon our bodies in the name of this God that will berate your sin; our belief in oneself is truly masqueraded within the lines of this text.

Proving that the Colonizers were and are in fact sociopaths that have manipulated the mind to go against love, so as to avoid any sense of self-determination that exists within us all.

Yet Creator is not indifferent to us either, she is what makes up our entire entity as individual human beings, with individual minds, linking up to one source that feeds off of our capacity to lead our lives; with the power of love and the guidance of knowledge.

We do not in fact need to be afraid of the Anti-Christ because there is no such thing, clearly it is just propaganda created to instill fear into the minds of people that are not given a choice to believe in their own birth rite, their own self-worth, their own culture, because it creates evolutionary beings and changes the law of human consciousness, reverting to the knowledge of equilibrium, love and forgiveness that we all have been trained to forget.

In order for life to evolve, we need space to grow. And once that space is taken away and we are forced to accept a fate that we do not necessarily deserve, finding shelter in rules that keep us from being who we truly are, a space that forces their own ideals upon us, each choice constantly making us question our own humanity.

This is the awakening, the awakening all people knew and understood before the colonizer assimilated all cultures in to separate asylums, dividing us by creating races that do not actually make up who we are to Creator. They want us to forget, they've forced many ancestors to forget; mine were put through the Indian Residential Schools that existed since the dawn of Post-Contact.

It was never about the Indian/First Nation/Indigenous, as our Cultures were harmonious; savages are people who have no moral recollection of their own sole purpose within and without life; so are we really the one's that were the savages? Or was this taken out of context? Say this paragraph out loud to yourself. It makes sense doesn't it? I know right now, a part of you feels this truth starting to boil inside of you.

The White People are just like us, they had a culture as well, it was/is wiccan/pagonism, before Organized Religion deemed this way of life as Devil-worship when they [Organized Religion] were in fact living out the Characteristics of the Devil, the Devil that they created.

Organized Religion involves many organizations. Religion is not actually meant to provide us this so called "haven" we are taught to receive every given Sunday, or made up holiday; it is meant to lead us into believing that a system should control the way we as divine beings, choose to live our lives.

My People still fight to this day, still fight the blanket that is trying to lay down this literal and metaphorical fog of ignorance to all of humanity, to our Mother Earth and her cleansing waters, to all of life as we know it on this planet.

There are those that have still held on to even their own cultural tradition of ancestral/inner knowledge; there will always be knowledge keepers no matter where you go, as this proves that spirit is always hungry for knowledge, just as much as it hungers for pure love.

So allow me to question your mind, is it really a race issue that we are facing? Or a greed issue? A greed issue that has existed within the governing system of European Politics, since and before Shakespeare's time; concerning power and money, thus channeling the power of money into greed, as the rich have been the only to ever benefit financially from this chaotic world. This does not mean that the rich are truly wealthy. Oh no, most lack spiritual guidance, as spirit does get lost when it is surrounded by other spirits that continue to separate themselves from the Earth, from their inner purpose, from their true self; thus they forget why they chose to lead the lives that they now have; their higher self lost to the disdain of what the power of love can truly do for all of life.

The mind is truly a powerful tool.

Sure, we were born into this life, so we deserve our circumstances, at least that is what some choose to believe. That is what some still say about my people. I was born into an age where my people are now starting to heal and stand tall from what our fellow white brothers and sisters's ancestors had done and still continue to do; we are still learning to forgive the people that are still paternalizing the way we live; though from what history has shown and what reality continues to prove, they really are not doing a very good job at keeping us alive.

But they are doing a fantastic job at taking away money that isn't theirs to begin with; killing off species for more resources; taking more than what they need and structuring our lives to benefit a system that does not even benefit our own current life situations. How selfish is that? And they have justified this in God's name; the Queen, justified this in God's name; in God's name, genocide is justified, because it was in God's divine plan to murder and massacre people that only got in the way of the British Empire.

Hmm, what is the definition of a psychopath again..? Oh yes, a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior.

Wow, our Colonizers literally suffer from a mental illness and have passed this on to us, Indigenous Peoples, and now our own kin suffer from a deep, dark, long ago story that even I have yet to truly understand.

What in the flying fuck did these people go through in order to be fueled by cruelty rather than love?

Yes I did, I just asked the question that needs special attention.

Healers will teach you to go to the source of the pain, the thought deep within your mind, the memory deep within your being, in order to truly help heal your blockage. Whatever blockage that is not furthering your growth but stumping it with despair and anguish, loss and depression, anxiety and disease. The mind creates diseases, and the mind creates cures; this is what our healers believe, and this is what I truly believe. And with the power of the earth and the natural medicines that she provides freely, the manifestations of the mind go beyond the body, as the spirit is one with all spirits, the source of all spirits is the Great Spirit that surrounds us all, throughout his entire creation.

This mysterious entity that surges through us all, proving that we are in fact an eternal force that will always evolve, love and grow despite the fear that the mind's of man have tried to create in order to stabilize their profit. Mother Earth heeds for more viable, and sustainable sources of energy; the idea of creating solar panels doesn't generate much money, at least that is the excuse many people like to use when asked about the inevitable. Change will generate much more than that, it will generate healthier lifestyles and will one day make it possible to do away with the old world, the old ways that no longer work for this new up and coming generation.

A generation that will break these chains and come back together as a whole, as One.

Soniyaw is truly important, and everything is always in favor of money, and where does money come from? Where is it created? Traded? Profited?


At the end of the day, they have the power to control us by controlling what gives us sustenance, shelter, clothing, transportation. We have allowed ourselves to be swayed by the material things this world offers, swayed by allowing opportunity to become nothing more than just slavery, as we all bow down to a system that still, to this day, makes us sign a contract/treaty if we want to live in and profit from this "Country".

Oh Canada, a land that was home to the Indigenous pre-contact; a land that is still home to Indigenous Peoples post-contact; a land that is older than 150 years, and has withstood intergenerational trauma and should be acknowledged as more than just a Birthday, but as a reminder of what the colonizers had done to the Indigenous Peoples, in order to create a country that mimicked their "Old World."

Hmm, what did they do again? Oh yeah, commit mass genocide, organize massacres, murder and plunder villages and communities that posed a threat to their beloved hierarchical bureaucracies, bureaucracies that still continue to usurp control wherever and whenever they deem it fit.

Sound like anyone? Ah yes, the Police/Air/Armed Forces, where female officers are continuously raped, abused, and harassed; where men are told not to cry, where human beings are stripped completely of their humanity and trained to be little "zombies", killing those who do and do not deserve it. A zombie feels nothing, and we are not zombies; we are human beings, beings with emotions, values, and gifts meant to be shared with the world.

We are not meant to be feared because we have the true potential to change and evolve along with the world, as it is only natural, and from what nature has proven, no one can fight it's blessed force. Mother Nature's seizures go beyond words, the mysterious "understatements" that come from an energy so powerful - so as to help explain what needs to change in our role as the Protectors of these Lands.

Huh, I really am beginning to connect the dots here.

As I lead this life and this body into the unknown, embracing my fears and loving life for what it is, a miracle; I feel so much discontent towards those that have the potential to actually help change the way we see ourselves as human beings, as a people; despite every barrier you can think of; we all bleed red, we all feed off of the same life force.

But the way they lead their life's journey really is not my problem. I am here to live mine the way I feel I am meant too, though I have all odds against me.

I am Metis; I carry Cree/Dene/Scottish/French blood lines (to name a few) though I am more knowledgeable of the Cree and Scottish teachings; I have a status card thanks to having a father with treaty rights as a Bill C-31, (as his mother married a Metis, lost her rights, then she gained them back afterwards, long story), but yet with every nation, there does exist politics and it just so happens that because of these politics that continue to divide my people, I have not been able to benefit off of my own Nation for education; my siblings and myself do not receive any aid in the development of our futures as the up and coming generations.

Not that we truly need it, but we could do very well with it, especially now that we can see how important and expensive education really is.

Many times have we applied for membership and have been denied.

(The Potskin VS. Twinn politics is getting old and outdated: we are not enemies, we are One. I no longer carry whatever resentment you hold against me, my family or my future children, so there really is no point denying me my right that we were all born with after our ancestors had sacrificed their lives and their cultures in order to sign this treaty.)

Honestly, our Reservations are just as bad when it comes to systemic greed, they have forgotten or choose to ignore what our own ancestors had to sacrifice in order for us to exist today. But I do not blame them, as their Governing System is not truly self-determined, but is the exact replica of our Canadian Government.

When asked which Nation I come from, I hesitate, I don't like to call Sawridge my Nation; it is not my home and has never treated me like I belong. But then again, the entire system on what this Country was built on, will never treat me like I belong. It will never treat any person of "color" like they belong, never.

I am also an Indigenous Woman, and Indigenous Women are 5 times more likely to go missing than the non-indigenous women of Canada.

My family and I still suffer with the remaining trauma that has plagued my people through separating us onto reservations; separating us into Indian Residential Schools; and separating us through the social services system.

Look at those odds, like holy effing cow, and many face more.

But it is not my color, my language, or my gender that defines who I am, it is my spirit.

These concentration camps were developed to break our bodies and harm our souls, but our Creator restores this pain with immense love and beautiful insight that has helped many of us Light Workers, including myself, to understand what it truly means to forgive, to receive and to love.

Throughout my odds, I still choose to walk through this fear that has been instilled within me as a Woman; this fear that has been instilled within me as an Indigenous Person; this fear from discovering my true potential, my higher self, despite everything I was taught to hate about my "physical" self on this "physical" planet through our Government System, through Organized Religion.

I was once told, ".. the worse thing you can do is to go around telling everyone that they're going down the wrong path, when we're all on our way up the same mountain."

It is not about the teacher, it is about the teaching. It is not important who said it, but what was said.

Now if we think back, to what I was saying about what Lucifer believes, Lucifer [who is not real, unless your own mind has made this made up entity real], is a representation of our Governing Systems, a system that creates violence against our bodies [NDPL] when we choose to oppose our Government's paternalistic viewpoint on how we should move forward as a people, when the people who have valid opinions and understandings were never given any consent because they would not agree to another incision to penetrate the organs of Mother Earth, knowing that this choice, a choice that was made on behalf of the people, will ultimately bring more destruction to our people.

We all die, it's what we choose to die for that matters. My people have made this clear as they stand against these bureaucracies who do their best to beat down the spirit that continues to believe in what is right, the spirit that stays true to itself, realizing that these physical vessels are what allows spirit to make a difference in the world.

Those that do not see, or rather those who choose not to see how instrumental their bodies are; how important their spirit is to their vessels, how important their vessels are to their spirit, how important our purpose really is to this planet; those are the people who need these teachings the most, the teachings on how to live out their passions, find true love, and believe in oneself!