I Rise Despite How Hard I May Fall

My self worth is like a rising tide; I rise despite how hard I may fall. By gravitational force, exerted by the moon and the sun, here - on Earth, I have become a combination of nobility and accountability.

To resist the current gives no purpose to the fall; as above so below, either way, things happen. We can only control the way we perceive these happenings and how we choose to deal with them.

Chemistry is like magic, if magic were feeling and - if magic were feeling, I would always be dreaming.

But isn’t that what life is? An illusion of freedom? Used to indoctrinate those who let their fears run wild? So wild that they think they are not worthy to make their own decisions anymore?

To die is an honor; to live is a battle. At least I know that I will not feel shame, I will not feel shame for living and exploring this path that I have been blessed to find. This very moment has been written before my vessel was ever assembled.

I am a winner at the cost of life itself, as my past lives have prepared me for this particular one, so that I may correct my karma, thanks to whatever unhealthy choices I had made in those eras, though I REALLY don’t know what it was that I had done, to have gone through such never ending tribulation. But maybe that’s what makes it easier for a human; not knowing that we all carry purpose at first.

In order to understand the importance of having purpose and the effect this energy gives to those around us, is understanding the importance of influence and truth.