I am a Clan Mother

This is the only way.

No money.

No bail.

You went against a female and your intention went against her will.

When she came to the park; she had no intention of meeting a man, no intention of getting raped, no intention of getting abandoned and no intention of mistreatment towards her vessel.

When one has intention, one knows what they are doing; one understands the choice of the matter.

It is not a sin, as sin doesn't exist.

We need to step away from whatever system religion offers, as it should have no real power over you.

You are already powerful.

You are a light already created from the day you came into the void.

You are magnificent; you are the source of existence.

To separate our pure choices into asylums created for good and bad is to divide our pure intentions; choices then become rated in a way that benefits someone; while at the same time does not benefit another.

We think selfishly now, we think ourselves as the person that must come first before anything and anyone but my friend, you must remember that though you have met those that feel this way, you still have the choice to be better.

Set a good example for those that fear the consequence of their growth.

Because your choice had no intention of really loving this woman; your understanding of love became selfish, when love, in its truest form, is selfless.

Love comes through us within the void; this divine love is why life exists; life is the learning tool for spirit to become evolutionary.

Change the nature of man and help man notice the pure possibilities of love; love is ever changing, ever evolving, forever and ever.

Our race within creation has battled this force of love, not really understanding what it even means to love, yet love is a connection; the only authority that has power over one's truest self, the undeniable truth that uncovers our deepest desires and feeds our hungers.

But it must feed both participants the same way; with pleasure, joy and love all at once, simultaneously.

Your action was not based on love, your choice was made without the intention of loving this woman, you made that clear when you hit her face and made her cry, and pleased yourself with her tortured vessel.

Her soul says no, yet in your mind, her body can be manipulated.

What is your purpose sir?

By chance do you know?

One's purpose in life is to reap what they sow.

The bible carries teachings like any other book, and like any other book, we must learn to read between the lines in order to understand why this statement, or any other statement for that matter, would inherit a truth that corresponds to our souls.

And when you choose to accept such a truth in your heart, it can thus be taken out of the context you found it in and used to nurture your intentions with pure love.

We make a choice with the intention of having satisfaction; we make a choice that will satisfy an outcome for later purposes, but is it truly satisfying when it does not also satisfy the other human being?

It only makes the other human being even more important to the purity of natural law, the observable law of natural phenomena.

Their soul becomes the patient in an emergency room, and yours becomes the one that hides in the shadows; not understanding who you really are, and what it is you are really meant to do.

Watching life with envy; a life you think you can't have, yet love is loving oneself too and knowing that you deserve the best, which will come to you if your actions enter through pure love, especially for another's freedom to love.

Love is free; free to be given and to be received, but if it is not free, than it is not meant to be the love that you wish to receive.

Love is different in every species.

Letting someone love you who you also love is freedom, freedom of the heart is the true author of our lives in this world and the soul directs the heart in the direction it needs to go.

You made this decision and knowingly fed yourself with a feeling that was not shared, her free will is just as important as yours, and she is now going to have a blockage that needs to be healed, a blockage that was purposely made for her to learn from.

And now you will forfeit all will and abstain from all human contact, unless otherwise consulted among the Clan Mothers.

You will now be forced against your will to explore your darkness from within, the void that you were birthed in, the void that created you in the darkness.

Embrace the sacred gift of love and creation; and envision the life that you feel you deserve, the vessel that you want to love, the passion that you want to have - the ability to create as the very beings that were birthed as One.

Within One.

We are One.

You do not see this, you do not remember, but you will.

We will help you, you have all the time in the world in your vessel and until you figure out time doesn't exist, you will not be free in the vessel you have chosen to lead.

You will feel trapped, against time; against life; against a force you've created to go against the flow the universe has to offer us.

Entering as infants from an eternal force that gives us more and more love to emulate, every day, as we learn together like infants do, which actions truly emulate love within creation.

You will not be there forever; your body is temporary but your soul will live on, and you will instantly understand why it was you died in isolation, or you may choose to learn quickly and forgive yourself for your actions and free yourself from but your own misery.

And from then on, we will help you to get on the road to being of purpose to yourself, your Higher Self.

Your real state of mind, not the one inflicted upon you by others who have no consciousness towards the light of another.

We will help you attain consciousness until you understand it in its many forms; mind, body, spirit and emotions.

You will have the choice:

- to learn Buddhism,

- to learn Nehiyaw way,

- to learn Reiki,

- to learn Wiccan,

no form of religion is to be used to develop your mind; your spirit; and your body.

You may only learn from the 4 paths provided.

Understand that your freedom is being taken away from your vessel as you have done so against another human being and her vessel, yet your spiritual freedom will be there all the while.

Take your time and choose wisely, we will be waiting patiently.

We love you and understand you deserve better, but you don't feel this way about yourself.

We see your light, but you need to learn to use it, as you do not know how, which is why you are here in the first place.