No Such Thing

Interesting isn't it, anything you choose will never be the wrong choice. Therefore, there is no such thing as sin.

And when told to ask for forgiveness, I think of separation, asking a separate entity to forgive you for something that is now a learning lesson, and will mold you into the being you wish to be.

Every little decision had a purpose; every little decision, a connection to your sole purpose; every little decision is your soul's purpose.

So really, you must learn to love and forgive yourself, as we love and forgive others, the way we believe Creator loves and forgives us all.

And when you choose to judge a person on the mistakes that they are making, you choose not to see the bigger picture behind it all. For it does not truly matter whether they decide to learn from it or proceed to make the same choices over again, positive or negative, what matters is if we still choose to love and forgive whoever this person may be through their learnings, through their mistakes, through their negativity.

As their mistakes were never mistakes in the first place and it is our job to help them understand that, so that they may learn to forgive themselves.

No matter how evil it may seem.

Every choice has a purpose, and I can understand how hard it may be for some to try to understand or even accept this truth.

When we separate ourselves from reality, from connecting to our higher selves, our thinking’s are now separate of that which we do not let lead; our spirit, our truths, our morality.

And this is where the good and bad terminology comes from, separating your choices into two categories of living though there is only one category, one entity and we are within this category eternally.

Organized religion has taught us to think we cannot come back from our choices unless we go by what they want us to do, to prove we deserve to be forgiven; and there are those of us who think of ourselves as unworthy after we have made a choice that is seen as unforgivable, making us believe we only deserve to lead the same illusion, the same negative lifestyles that caused us suffering, depression, and ill will.

We think we are not worthy of this love, this love that we itch for, yearn for, pray for.

A love that is supposed to forgive us, but humans have fallen from that grace so we no longer can provide this support to one another unless we can wake up again, wake up to that wisdom, that power to love equally, fairly, truly.

Organized religion should not have this right over us yet those of us choose to put them up on a pedestal, the irony.

So when searching for "forgiveness", it is not within another person that you will find it, it is within yourself.

This love that exists within every living creature, thus reminding us we are a part of creation, not separate from it.

If you do not believe in your worth, you will be the only one that is truly suffering, living in a hell that you created for yourself. Hell is not real unless you believe it to be real, thus also proving how powerful the mind can be. Those that believe this have the power to escape as well; hell on earth is your misunderstanding of your worth.

So tell me something, are you worth it? Are you worthy of happiness? Are you worthy of forgiveness? Are you worthy of balance?

I believe you are.

We are all students on this physical plain, as well as we are teachers, learning together, laughing together, and loving together.

It's interesting how organized religion separates Creator from us, though Creator was never separate and will never be separate.

We are One.

Now I understand why Jesus had said he is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, as I am the Mother, the Daughter, and the Holy Spirit.

I live in the Light, I laugh in the Light, I love in the Light. I am the Light.