Duality is and always has been, Water has fire & Fire is sparking, Flames are signalling to other flames that it is time to start walking. Especially now that our lives have become fear based, Yet the unconscious are consciously putting us through fear initiations with everyone getting tear laced, At least that's what they did at the NDPL home base, making the faces of all races and creeds awaken to what is real and what our children will be forced to accept, our extinction, the main reason why the fight is so driven. Understand we are all apart of this Nation, we are not separate from our creation, to die is to live and to live is to die, we can be the solution to the equation once that truth becomes realized. I have awakened and followed a path with as much light I can conjure through the insanity, And the more sane I become, The more I ask Creator to have pity over humanity, & the more I do that, I understand and feel closer to what Jesus had done, and is still doing for those that know not. Forgiveness is not a con, love is not a lie, and if I live to see the dawn, I have been blessed to still be apart of this life. This light path led me to meet my twin flame, And now that I know his name, this confidently reassures me that I am on the right path in this actual Call of Duty Game, and that I must move forward with urgency to accomplish my earthly missions so that we may, if the laws of the universe allow it, find each other again... And again.