To Be That of Which Was Made

💕 I think of up above, of what it means to love.

How can God love us all so equally, how can that be done?

I ask my self-contained sexuality to show me, show me what it means to love equally.

As I stare at my breasts and my body through the mirror, I see a goddess.

I see someone I've never met before but I have come to adore.

I feel emotions that make me cry for no reason, just to cry.

Healing has many avenues, I know because I've tried everything.

And crying, crying is mending the pain.

I never knew I could cry out of pure joy but I can, and now I do.

I have changed the meaning of crying,

and I cry now because I am happy with every little freckle on my skin,

every little wrinkle starting to deeply form when I smile,

and every little hair that grows on my body.

I am a goddess, I am human, I am what I am and I'm not ashamed to be that of which was made to reflect my very name.

I am Elizabeth, I am being, I am love.

Come, love with me, love me, make love to me.

And I will do the same for you, deeply, intensely, lovingly.

I love you.