My Dear

My dear, no one ever told you what it would be like with him, you only wished for the best. No one said you would get hurt, you believe in love and nothing less. No one knew your faith in this but you would keep telling yourself it was worth it. No one can see the strength you possess but no matter the stress, you still open the curtain. You and your child are ready for him but my dear he's not ready for the both of you. Your love will never wear thin for he gave you a gift that will always stay true. You made a vow as soon as your son took his first breathe that he would never know the feeling of not having a dad. You told yourself that maybe this time the cycle would end with your son and that this time around it wouldn't be that bad. Creator chose you baby doll, to carry his angel in disguise. Your young and beautiful body gave up it's glory and pride. Remember his body is a vessel and encased is a little bit of Manito's Spirit. A fragile thing the body can be but to give life to another fire is so sacred. Raise that little one to be better than the man his father ever was. Raise him to realize the difference between love and lust. Rise up my dear and don't give up Because before spirits are physically born, they choose the family that they want to love. My dear, remember you are the love of your son's life for this moment. The Man he will be is a man that treats his lover like a real woman. He will know he has found the one when he finds a lady like his Mom Because his Mom was the woman that made the decision to unconditionally love her son.