Sole Purpose

We FNMI may be the undermined, We may be the underclass, We may be the undefined, But my brothers and sisters,

We are a legitimate mass. Believe it or not we are coming back, Believe it or not it's a peaceful attack. In and out our spirits inside collide, Our true identity was taught to run & hide. But there are those who kept and held their pride, Those that chose not to listen to the lies, Those that chose not to judge, but to love. Yet lately, that 2008 apology is just not enough. When the victimizers keep up their trough, They have now set up a hypocritical buff. It's hard to understand why, Why do you apologize and keep doing what you are doing? Offering words meaning to be genuine, But who are we fooling? I now can see our Canadian Government were sorry out of duty, They do not see that an apology requires responsibility,

Not tomfoolery. We must follow through with our word, To be sorry is to understand who you hurt, To consolidate is to consider and merge; However such words were only an unethical splurge. Bill C-45 is an ugly atrocity, What happened to our voices in this so-called democracy? The real savages - ravaging Mother Earth, My friends, oil is not her only worth. Creator gifted her with the birth of life! Not to be abused like a "simple house wife." We people are to protect the trees, leaves and bees, All people in general,

Not just us aborigines. This is a privilege given to us by our Great Mystery, The all-knowing entity, Who can just as easily take it away and cause us misery. Much like the residential schools that exist in our Canadian history. My friends - this is parallel to our being, I will break this down so that this can be seen. The settlers of western points if view, Came and did only what they knew. To conquer and assimilate, To force and dominate, We all know this did not work, And they still scratch their heads going bizzirk! Our spirits kept us strong and we somehow made it through the slough, I am thankful for our adversity for we persevered, We are the many - not the few. Our end may have seemed to appear near, But look,

All around you child

You and I are still here. If we could overcome that,

Than we can overcome this instilled dominant fear. We came a long way and are beginning to hope, My people why stop now and force yourself to cope? Keystone XL is trying to elope, We cannot let this be done,

Hell nope! Mother Earth is dying while we watch, Perpetrators ourselves,

Yes I'm saying we are caught. We rather green paper and gold, When the real riches are being stolen and soon to be unknown. We have all been brainwashed and bought, To believe money can solve all of our rots. When really,

Human beings must come together to solve the now very real problem. And no,

I'm not saying that our beautiful elders and their stories do not aid in healing and revival, And I am certainly not saying that the survivors from slavery,

Camps of concentration and the missing and murdered women have been forgotten. On the contrary,

They are our true warriors,

Both the living and the fallen. What I am saying is,

We must also heal our beloved Earth Mother,

We must restore her and our survival/ That is our real obligation and this shall begin with an offering of equality! We must offer her souls of peaceful qualities! Not souls of judgement,

Rage and racism which is taught to you as a child. Trust me,

If you can forgive yourself,

These man-borne traits will be wiped off of your file.

Now take 5 seconds to look within and ask yourselves,

What do you think is right?






Tell me, did asking yourself this question make your stomach tight?


And this is true,

The right thing is the hardest to do. But if we all come and work together in equal party, The red,

The white,

The black and the yellow; We will foretell the true meaning in our medicine wheel. God,


Kisémanito Has subliminally,

Many times,

Made this known. How much more understanding do we need? Why is our peace,

Our equality,

So hard to believe? Our medicine wheel easily says,

My children,

This can be achieved. It is us who must help reteach our brothers and sisters here and across the seas surface, That peace within the human race is,

And will always be,

Our sole purpose. Hiy Hiy

Thank You