The feeling you get after you have just been chased off your course. Either by a predator or a natural disaster. Once the predator has given up or mother nature has calmed, you find yourself in a place you cannot quite interpret. You have the choice to stay on the direction that has just been set forth for you or you can find a way back to the original path. The decision is hard. You just want to stay and sit where you are because you cannot fathom the thought to go back, back to where the predator may lay waiting or where mother nature is scheming to conjure another apocalypse. You look forward, you also cannot imagine to keep to what is in the distance of your new destination. You want to go back and fight, fight for your life. You want to slay the enemy or brave through the storm. But then again, you consider the option to walk away, to move forward from a battle that you may not win in the end. You think and think and think. What to do. Lost in your thoughts as well as your crossroad. Lost in a forest of could be's and could do's. Lost in fragments of the knowing and unknowing. Lost. You are lost. You do not want to choose. Because if you choose, you do not want to regret your choice. Yet you cannot stay forever. You know you cannot. You know you must decide; to either scratch the itch to win a million dollars or nothing at all. You want the fortune, you want the gulf. You want the red pill, you want the blue. It would make it easier if you had someone or something to tell you what to do, but you do not have the pleasure. You are lost in a sea where there are two colors of the same blue ocean. A deep dark indigo or a light shady blue. You must decide quick before you drown, though you think maybe drowning is the only option. But to drown is not what you want either. Lost. Lost is what you are. Lost, a being of uncertainty, the embodiment of indecision, the heroin of fear. "What is keeping you?", the winds of both trails cry out, their cries seep into your ears; wholes in your head of starvation. What am I suppose to do.. I don't know. For I am lost.