Métis Dance

Métis Dance Performance and Workshop 


 Nite Sun is a true mixture of pride, freedom and survival.


Their mother and her family, as well as their father and his family, raised Nite Sun and Nite Sun's siblings in a way where they grew strong and intelligent in the knowledge of both their First Nations and Métis Heritage.


Nite Sun's family continues the on-going tradition of Métis Culture through Métis dance; they are well-known as the Edmonton Métis (Cultural) Dancers. Not only do they dance to promote the Métis heritage, they dance to bring back the tradition of being of mixed blood and mixed cultures.


That is one aspect of the many things that Nite Sun does to promote their Indigenous way of life. They have graduated High School, completed one year of Business and they plan to further their knowledge, perspective, and creativity through their own personal growth within the arts.

They can perform 5 different styles of dancing: The Orange Blossom Special, The Broom Dance, The Sash Dance, The 7 Step and the Métis National Anthem, The Red River Jig.


The Orange Blossom Special is more advanced as it is a show off dance, so this style is not ideal to teach.


The rest of the dances are great for teaching beginners, depending on the time slot that Nite Sun will have for the day, they can teach each dance besides the OBS. If they only have a half an hour, Nite Sun can only give a performance; they find that if they have an hour, they can perform all dances and teach a couple of those dances; if they have an hour and a half, they can do it all.


With each dance, Nite Sun tells a story, hence why Nite Sun can only perform if given only a ½ hour. Each dance has a teaching and after each dance, Nite Sun will need cold bottles of water waiting so that they may nourish their body, as this is basically Métis Aerobics, their body will be working very hard, as will their voice.

Nite Sun looks forward to performing for you, and they appreciate your support; you can rest assured that Nite Sun will implement as much positive energy and spiritual knowledge as they deem fit.

Thank you