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Photo taken by Jacqueline Carmelita

T'ansi, my slave name is Elizabeth,

yet I prefer to be called by my Cree name, Tipiskâw Pîsim, or you can call me the literal English translation, which is my artist name, Nite Sun.


I am a proud Cree - Queer - Métis with a lineage that consists of many bloodlines.


So, to honour this truth, I choose to walk with my Nehiyaw name, Tipiskâw (meaning "Nite") and Pîsim (meaning "Sun").

I am a being of many talents, emotions, and teachings.

I understand I still have much to learn, and as I reflect on my journey, I wish to share what I can along the way.

I am a Multifaceted Artist.

Through my art, I express truth - my own truth; a truth that matters to my soul's purpose - my sole purpose.

I stay true to myself which makes me but another fool, as I wear my heart on my sleeve; openly, genuinely, and lovingly.

I thank you, for your choice to get to know who I am, as I also get to know who I am.

I can only hope that my path will help encourage you to get to know your own, so that one day you may walk fearlessly through the unknown.


With Love,

Nite Sun

Tipiskâw Pîsim

Elizabeth Potskin